For a stronger civil society

Six out of ten Swedes donate money.
Giva Sverige works to increase giving in Sweden in support of a strong civil society.

Giva Sverige (the Swedish Fundraising Association), is the professional membership body for fundraising organisations in Sweden.  Our aim is to achieve increased giving in Sweden by improving the conditions for our members to fundraise in a trustworthy way.

Founded in 1991, Giva Sverige has nearly 160 member organisations representing a broad range of Swedish civil society and raising 8,8 billion SEK (2018). Our members range from large international organisations such as, UNICEF Sweden, Save the Children, Doctors without Borders, and WWF, and to many smaller organisations.

Asking the private sector, individuals, companies, and foundations to support organisations financially requires transparency and accountability, which is a major part of our work. To achieve the mission, Give Sweden works in three broad areas; professional development, governance and compliance, and advocacy.

As a member of Giva Sverige, the organisation must comply with the ‘Giva Sverige – Quality Code’. The Code covers a range of requirements from governance and financial reporting to impact reporting. The guidelines for ethical fundraising is also part of the membership requirement. Together, we work to make the world a better place and ensure there is accountability, transparency, and professionalism within fundraising.

As a leading provider of fundraising training in Sweden we offer a wide range of training courses and events. Every year we arrange Insamlingsforum, the largest fundraising conference in the Nordic region.