Paul Ferris

How digital-first campaigning is changing fundraising forever

    Paul Ferris has worked in digital fundraising and campaigning for more than 10 years. He was a lead fundraising at, built a 40 million kronor per year fundraising program from scratch at, and is a member of the board at

    How digital-first campaigning is changing fundraising forever

    This session will introduce and explore the digital-first approach of organisations like Avaaz, Skiftet and SumOfUs – and how they are raising hundreds of millions of kronor from hundreds of thousands of donors, with small teams and low overheads. 

    We’ll look at what these organisations actually do to raise money, and how they use data-driven decision making and a testing culture to help make significant gains to their fundraising revenue with very little effort. Plus, we’ll share some of their real-world research into online supporter communications and what works.

    We’ll also look at how they structure and organise their teams to get results.  We’ll look at SumOfUs’ “integrated campaigning” approach that brings list growth, member engagement and fundraising together with impact-driven work – which has enabled SumOfUs to get past the eternal fight between fundraising, communications and program and raise more money as a result.

    You should leave the session impatient to steal and implement at least a couple of the ideas you hear to significantly improve your own fundraising work.