Ian MacQuillin

Seminar: AI and fundraising ethics: unchartered territory
Fundraising has of track record of implementing new ideas and only thinking about ethical issues once something has gone wrong. Now that AI is new kid on the transformational block, fundraisers are rushing to incorporate it into our practice. But are we pausing to think about whether we even ought to that? Have we stopped to consider what ethical dilemmas might result? Based on some new thinking from a team at Rogare – The Fundraising Think Tank, this presentation gives a brief overview of some of the ethical conundrums that might be lurking in the long gras.

About Ian MacQuillin:
Ian MacQuillin MCIoF(Dip) is the director of the international fundraising think tank Rogare (www.rogare.net), which he founded in 2014. Rogare aims to help fundraisers better use theory and evidence in by translating academic ideas into professional practice and building fundraising’s knowledge base. Ian is recognised as a leading thinker on fundraising ethics, having developed a new theory of fundraising ethics that seeks to balance fundraisers’ duties to both their donors and beneficiaries.

Ian is also the executive director of Chapel & York’s UK Foundation.

Twitter: @IanMacQuillin; @RogareFTT.