Deniz Hassan

Seminar: Embedding AI into your organisation’s strategy
AI has the power to be transformative for each and every non-profit. But it should not be viewed as simply a set of tools. To be transformative, it must be an integral part of the bigger picture, embedded culturally and strategically across all levels of the team – from leadership to operational.

This seminar is especially for senior leaders of non profits who want to ensure AI is factored across their strategic goals and delivery. Leaders will understand what AI can do for the organisation, how to prioritise and map the plethora of tools to their strategy and how to ensure their teams can use it.

About Deniz Hassan
Deniz represents the cutting edge of digital leadership in the non-profit world, with a unique blend of strategic digital prowess and deep technological and data knowledge.

As AAW Group’s Digital Director, Deniz has lead digital projects with some of the sector’s biggest names, from the Trussell Trust to Save the Children, World Food Programme and the DEC. Deniz’s experience in launching and managing multimillion-dollar global digital programmes, alongside his expertise in architecting the technical and structural foundations to deliver them are testament to his capability to drive substantial digital change. Right now, he is leading the early adoption of AI in the non-profit sector.