Ligia Peña

Global Legacy Manager at Greenpeace International

    Ligia Peña, CFRE is the Global Legacy Manager at Greenpeace International.  For the past 15 years, she has been working with organizations ranging from mental health, environmental education, at-risk youths to international NGOs. Working on all aspects of fundraising, communications and management, her true passion has always been to empower small non-profits to be strong, resilient and sustainable so they may realize their important mission.

    In recent years, Ligia has been presenting on the topic of legacy giving and ethics in fundraising. She is the author of the ‘Small Shop Fundraising’ chapter in the 2nd volume of Excellence in Fundraising in Canada as well as several articles in various electronic and print publications.

    Ligia is very active in the non-profit sector having served on numerous boards. She currently serves on several committees at AFP International and has served five years on the Quebec Chapter of the AFP. She is a member in good standing of the AFP and the CAGP-ACPDP.

    At Insamlingsforum Ligia will be speaking of:

    Wish I’d Thought of That 10 Years Ago!
    Cash-strapped, acquisition costs keep increasing, and drawing a blank on how to engage supporters at a higher level. What is a Fundraiser to do? What if there was a simple and highly engaging way to raise millions from your supporters at a fraction of what you spend in acquisition costs, would you jump at this opportunity?This session will explore how to engage supporters at a much more personal level in order to inspire donors to leave a legacy, raise more funds to realize your mission and effectively change the world. At the end of this session you will leave thinking: ”wish I’d started a legacy program 10 years ago!”

    Greenpeace International has been raising millions of dollars through gifts in Wills from around the globe for decades. It has developed tools, mechanisms and KPIs that ensure every office is meeting – even surpassing – targets as a way to realize its mission. But what does it take? Investment, commitment and hard work. Is the Greenpeace model perfect? Absolutely not! Using examples for different organizations around the globe, participants in this session will learn how to build a business case for legacy investment, how to develop a program by identifying prospects, establishing a solid pipeline, engaging donors through moves management and finally, how to measure the program. Because let’s be honest, what are we if you don’t have good KPIs?

    This session is intended for beginner and novice fundraisers who wish to launch a legacy program but don’t know where to start. This will be practical and full of nuggets of wisdom with a healthy dose of humour.

    The right time was 10 years ago, the second best time is today!

    Ten Ideas to Elevate your Small Shop Fundraising Program
    Working as a fundraiser in a small non-profit is no easy task. In the best of cases, it is a balancing act between senior management’s expectations, fundraising capacity and resource management. In the worst cases, there is no culture of philanthropy, the wrong person is responsible for fundraising, and/or the fundraising professional isn’t supported by the board of directors or management team.

    However, with proper planning, support, some and the right professional, small shops can raise impressive sums of money and deliver their mission. Small non-profits have a different DNA than their larger counterparts. The differences are most notable in the management approach, human resources, financial resources, capacity building, networks and access to technology.

    What is a fundraiser to do? How does one manages to rise above the challenges and remains focused on conducting good, efficient and effective fundraising so we can continue to serve the recipients of our programs and services? You have a great fundraising plan but it’s become stagnant. What do you do to infuse some “oomph” into your program and jolt it into new heights?

    This session will explore 10 practical and cost-efficient ways to elevate your program, re-energize you as a professional and help you reach your fundraising goals.

    Let’s be honest, being a small shop fundraiser is no easy task. You have to grapple with little to no resources, no culture of philanthropy, unsupportive boards or senior management and very limited (or non-existent) professional development budget. The struggle is real. When you are stuck having to do everything and have little time to think strategically, how can you inject energy into your fundraising plan? If small shop fundraisers don’t run energetic programs, they will inevitably see their revenue decrease and will miss out of great fundraising opportunities.

    Having spent the majority of my career in small shops, and having written the chapter on Small Shop Fundraising in Excellence in Fundraising in Canada, I will offer 10 cost-efficient ideas to re-energize your fundraising plan (ok I’ll even throw in a few extras!).

    For beginners and intermediate level professionals – although everyone could use a refresher sometimes!

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Get tips that can be easily implemented right away
    2. Learn new ways to energize a small shop fundraising plan
    3. Learn tips and tricks from other small shop fundraisers