Daryl Upsall

Chief Executive Daryl Upsall Consulting International SL, Daryl Upsall & Associates SL

Daryl Upsall & Associates SL provides strategic consulting support to the world’s leading UN agencies and INPOs whilst Daryl Upsall Consulting International SL has hired 460 posts for 183 clients in 128 locations worldwide.

He is the founder and co-owner of Spain’s leading telephone fundraising agency, The Fundraising Company SL and the face to face fundraising agency International Fundraising SL raising funds in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. In Spain alone, these agencies have raised over $1.15 billion USD for NGO clients over the last 13 years. In 2016, he and colleagues launched the integrated digital fundraising agency dgtl fundraising SL.

Daryl has spoken at fundraising conferences in over 20 countries and writes regularly for the leading non-profit sector journals. He is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Fundraising, former Chair of EUConsult, and former Vice-Chair, Center for Fundraising Innovation at the Association of Fundraising Professionals responsible for education & professional development.


In the last 20 years fundraising has seen explosive growth around the world. Increasingly, growth is occurring in Asia and Latin America as some of the mature markets in Europe and North America are stagnating and face crisis, whist fundraising in China is beginning to take off big time. In Europe media attacks, public concerns and government scrutiny is leading to tougher rules governing data management and how we communicate with donors. The cost of recruiting and retaining new donors through “traditional” fundraising channels are increasing, and new channels are failing, so far to generate both high volume/high quality donors. So how do we as a sector adapt, change and, therefore, invest for future success.

Learning Objectives:

  • The wider world is changing faster than that of fundraising and we need to adapt to this better and now
  • As fundraisers, our tools are looking tired and old and need re-invigorating and re-innovating
  • Do we really know what or donors and philanthropists really want and meeting their needs? If not, we can we do to adapt, survive and grow.



Face to face is a critical recruitment channel for many organisations and in most markets around the world, but the channel presents substantial obstacles to growth and challenges to NPOs and suppliers alike.  In this session, international fundraising leader and face to face fundraising founder, Daryl Upsall will address the most critical challenges and potential solutions in expanding quality donor recruitment today. Drawing 20 years’ experience of face to face (F2F) fundraising around the world and lessons learned from the crisis in face to face that have hit the UK and other markets; innovations in face to face in emerging markets Daryl will share his vision for the future of this powerful fundraising channel. Hopefully, the session will include some lively debate.

Key learnings:

  • Challenges and opportunities for F2F fundraising
  • What a major public crisis in F2F fundraising looks like and how to avoid it here
  • Innovations and best practice in F2F fundraising around the world.


Hands on research into fundraising across more than 40 markets has uncovered great examples of best practice from all corners of the globe.  Join us for this world tour of fundraising innovation and take away ideas to apply in your own market(s) or programmes, with their own local twist, of course!