Interview with Deniz Hassan

We had the chance to ask some questions to Deniz Hassan who will speak about AI. As AAW Group’s Digital Director, Deniz has lead digital projects with some of the sector’s biggest names and is leading the early adoption of AI in the non-profit sector. 

What made you interested in AI in the first place?
As someone who has worked across digital in the sector, it is my natural tendency to be an early adopter of technology. My varied roles and experience means I’m heavily involved in strategy, transformation and implementation of digital programmes and AI has a natural fit across all areas.

What can we expect to get out of your session?
A clear idea of how to start thinking about AI strategically in a way that works for your organisation and your teams. With AI being one of the hottest topics across the globe (let alone our sector) we’re awash with content and it can be near impossible to filter out the things which will make a real difference. This session will concentrate on cutting out the noise and bringing strategic thinking to AI.

If you can mention three points that a fundraising organization should consider when starting to work with AI?
We can consider the strategic use AI from the point of view of these three points, relevant to our strategies:

  1. How can AI improve the global impact of my institution?
  2. How does it improve the experience donors and key external stakeholders have with the institution?
  3. How does it improve my team’s experience of working for us and motivating them to become higher achievers?

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