Ilja De Coster


Seminar: The science of supporter experience
A look at where and how behavioural science has been applied to fundraising over the last decade

Are you frustrated with all the talk of supporter “experience” and “relationships”? Maybe you’ve been hearing about it for years; you’ve tried everything they told you to try, and still, you’re nowhere near seeing net growth. For many, retention rates are as bad as (or worse than) they’ve been for decades.

But they don’t need to be. There is a science to supporter experience. One that empirically uncovers both why people start supporting you as well as why they stop.

This workshop is based on primary research from the only behavioural scientists working exclusively in fundraising. You’ll see detailed, replicable case studies showing precisely how nonprofits gained scientific insights into their supporters and how those insights were applied to improve the experience from acquisition right through to legacy.

About Ilja De Coster
Ilja De Coster is Fundraising & Data Strategist with more than 20 years experience. Living in Belgium he works globally as Chief Platform Architect of DonorVoice, the behavioural science fundraising agency. Focused on donor retention, and passionate about using data to build actionable insights, he introduces new views into fundraising practise challenging the way we work. I’ll work both as a fundraising staff member in non profits and as a consultant. At Amnesty International Flanders/Belgium he played a key role in tripling individual giving income. He is founder and vice-president of Fundraisers Belgium and regularly speaks at different conferences.