We have a simple and clear mission: To make the world more generous. And enabling anyone to start a fundraiser is the first step to achieve this goal. We believe that if we can change the way fundraising is perceived, we can help more of the world’s wealth be donated to charities.

BetterNow provides white label digital fundraising solutions for charities and has more than 10 years of experience within Peer-to-Peer fundraising, Crowdfunding, In-Memory Fundraising and Sports Fundraising Events. We are at the forefront of fundraising technology and in 2021 we became the first machine learning enabled P2P fundraising platform.

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Seminar: The state of P2P fundraising in 2024
In this session, Jesper from BetterNow will take us through a deep dive into data on P2P fundraising in Scandinavia. We will see trends among donors and supporters and what makes a good P2P fundraiser.
We will be aiming to understand which campaigns work in 2024, where opportunities may lie, and where we should update our beliefs about how P2P fundraising works when it works best.